When In Rome II @ The Saban Theatre (Photos)

Here are some photos taken before our last gig @ The Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills. Be sure to check out the video of “The Promise!”

Josh Freese is the Shit!

This is just amazing, what an incredible band and drummer:

Lots of gigs with When In Rome II…

I’m very happy to announce that When In Rome has more gigs coming up. We just had a great gig at the Canyon Club in Agoura Hills. Big thanks to Trans X, Bow Wow and Missing Persons for their stellar performances and asking us to play. And to the Canyon Club for asking us to come back!

See the official When In Rome II site for show info!

When In Rome II plays benefit at Gentle Barn

A little late on this, but When In Rome II played at Gentle Barn up in Santa Clarita to raise money for one of the founder’s illness and the all the animals that they have saved. The movie “Dudley” was played about a 3-legged cow that was the first animal they saved by giving it a prosthetic leg and saved it’s life. It was an awesome outdoor show (about 350+ people) and all the visitors got a tour of farm and all the horses, cows, sheep, lamas, etc. The food was all vegan and it was fantasic. Jay and Ellie the founders are super kind people and it was an honor to meet them and play for them. Here is the movie below:


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