I would like to dedicate ‘NYC’ to the FDNY and the survivors of 9/11

This goes out to the family members of lost ones, FDNY and especially the 5 people who survived the collapse of the towers. It’s a song I played drums on for singer/songwriter Erika Simonian who lives in the city. Although this song was not written for the event, it is oddly relevant to me now, like so many other songs. Erika is a kind, giving person like so many other New Yorkers. When I was living in Boston and playing with the band Flexie, she let us crash at her place when we played gigs in the village and she a shining example of selflessness that New Yorkers have demonstrated again and again, especially during the tragic events of 9/11. I think it comes across in her music.

mp4: NYC

I hope it finds some special meaning in your heart.

You can hear more of her music here:

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