New cover band in the works!

Just to stretch out a bit, I’ve joined up with Dave Schwartz (guitar), Louis Ortega (bass) and Oz (vox) to play some killing tunes that anyone could sink their teeth into. Songs like No One Knows by Queens of the Stone Age, The Pot by Tool and War Pigs by Sabbath. Some other tunes include Zep, Foos, AIC, STP, Nirvana, The White Stripes, Metallica and Incubus, Although we have not completely decided on a name yet, we have a few ideas. Feel free to leave a comment if have a good idea for a name. It never hurts to have too many. We are in the process of booking now while we flush out a 2nd set and choose a name. Please contact me if you are interested in booking the band, I can give you our full repertoire, a lo-fi demo, and photos. Or even a video if you prefer.

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